Meet Sarito ★:..

Sarito is from Maracaibo, Venezuela:.

the Wayuú dress:.

♥ Happy Valentines! ♥

Have a Blessed Yule:. ★:.

Piensa verde:.♥
Be eco.friendly:.

love · love · love:.

Stickers!! Yai!:. :P


Bienvenidos a la Fábrica de Flores:. *•♫

Have some flowers:. :)

cute little flowers:.


wear flowers everywhere:.

heart flowers:.

the broaches:.

Colgantes de amour:.

bring love to your space:.

a pair of doves:.


Sarito es mi autoretrato:.
Para estar del otro lado del espejo,
aunque sea por un rato.
Reírme de mí misma,
observarme & crecer:.
Espero que te guste!:.

Sarito is my self portrait:.
To be on the other side of the mirror
at least for a little while.
Laugh at myself,
& watch myself grow:.
Hope you like!:.


One side of the mind:.


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