Doll ♥ House:.

The first doll of the collection, Becka ♥


Blythe Doll inspiration:.


✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

"Aplausos, gracias!":..


Carla is a musician, originally from Venezuela, but rocking at Toronto, Canada:.
There is no doubt, she is a Metal Goddess:..


Pat, rocking tha house:.:9



before & after...

╰ ✮ ╮


The Yoga Teacher:.


Respect your body:.
Listen to your heart:.

Senator Amidala

Queen of Pop

We care for our Planet:.
From now on, dont miss it:.
Earth Hour:. (◡‿◡✿)

Every year, or every day:. Whenever it is possible for you:. Join the candle party! For the Planet:.


Collect them all!

Come and see us! <3


United we stand ♥


Portrait of my dear friends:.
These are my dolls…
Some are close friends… Some are far away stars…
This collection is meant to be a tribute to the female energy:..
The pieces are designed to be shown in group: As a reminder that in union there is strength… & That women must be in solidarity among us:..